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Lucrativus Cloud Based Practice Management Suite

Law firms have been around since the beginning of time. So technology providers have been slow to adapt their old desktop technologies to online cloud solutions. Our Case Management Software allows lawyers to work from any where.

Lucrativus Advertising Services

With the downfall of the yellow page media lawyers have been forced to seek out other methods to advertise where the yellow pages used to be the largest source of clients for lawyers. They now depend on the Internet. Google has over 40 online services for small businesses. We know what it takes to take advantage of Google, and other search engines. We are a full service online advertising agency for law firms, from web site development, lead generation, pay per click advertising, and offline print media buys.

Lucrativus Lawyer Accreditation

Lucrativus has created a number of certifications that when passed and verified add value to the law firm and keeps your lawyers up to date on the latest cases and technologies that affect their principle focus.

Lucrativus Merchant Account

To help Law Firms keep up with cash flow and provide more payment options. Lucrativus offers merchant accounts to law firms that can be used in Lucrativus Practice management software to allow customers to pay the law firm directly online.

Cloud File Management

As lawyers work in greater collaboration, and remotely, sharing files in the cloud is a must. Lucrativus Law Firm suite includes cloud file management. This allows Lawyers to upload files share with other lawyers in the firm or with clients. Lucrativus also provides file archiving service so lawyers can request a hard drive with their files embedded at any time and the files archived for a certain amount of time or removed from the cloud.

Lucrativus Remote and Onsight Tech Support

Technology is great when it works. If you run into a problem with, Email, Microsoft Office Suite, Network, Internet Support give us a call. We have remote technicians around the country.

Lucrativus Payment Gateway

To Manage all their credit card payments they can use Lucrativus, but the Lucrativus Payment Gateway can be used as a stand alone payment gateway if needs be. Lucrativus Payment Gateway is included in Lucrativus Practice Managment Software. Lucrativus Payment Gateway works with all major US Credit Card Processors, such as Global, First Data, etc.

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