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Credit card companies nowadays offer business credit cards with lucrative schemes. A study of these credit card companies reveals that using these cards is advantageous for you in many ways. To begin with, compare business credit cards and you will soon realize how you can use them to save money.


Business credit cards come with a comparatively low APR (Annual Percent Rate), starting at around 8%. A standard business credit card also comes with an introductory period of 0% APR. With most cards providing a quarterly and annual balance summary, they serve as good tools to balance business expenditures efficiently. Some cards reward the users with offers like free frequent flier miles, that directly help a business. You can reduce your business specific expenses by choosing the right card.

You can reduce your business specific expenses by choosing the right card.

Compare Business Credit Cards

Companies offering business credit cards prominently advertise different schemes. These schemes:

* Earn Points – These points can be used at different vendor locations for buying supplies.

* No Spending Limit – Cardholders often enjoy this facility because here, they are not bound by any purchase limits.

* Low Interest Rates – This allows business owners to pay only a nominal interest rate fee.

* Flexible Pay Back ? This saves the business owners the worry of paying the balance on their business credit cards.

Advantages of a Business Credit Card

There are several advantages of owning such cards:

* Business users are offered flexible credit limits. Thus, business owners have enough time to consolidate their cash and sustain the business. Extra credit provided to the users is required to be paid by the end of the fixed term giving them ample opportunity to stabilize their business.

* Business credit card holders get relevant rewards like frequent flyer airline miles, cash back incentives or free hotel accommodation. Other benefits include 0% APR in the initial period, nil annual fees; lower APR rates and discounts on purchases.

* Expense reports generated by business credit cards provide the business owners with the facility of keeping a record of personal and business expenditures. Employers can track the expenses of their employees and some corporations are even allowed to group rate discounts on their business credit card which are further passed on as employer benefits. 

* Bad credit can be dealt with efficiency by paying the outstanding balances promptly in time, thus avoiding huge debts. Business cards users should maintain a good credit record for gaining larger credit limits in the future

* Such cards have made business travel easier. Businesspersons don’t need to carry cash for paying their travel expenses.

Business owners enjoy the benefits of the incentives offered by the credit card companies. Hence, they need to choose the best business credit card among the whole lot of credit cards available in the e-market. If a credit card offers huge travel incentives, but the user does not need to travel at all then such a credit card fails in fulfilling the needs of the business owner. Choosing a card that efficiently fits all their business needs is an important decision.

Incentives offered by credit card companies are myriad. Users should compare various credit cards and their incentives and carefully select a card that best suits their needs. This plays a crucial role in to developing strong and long-lasting business associations and reputation.

Tips for Selecting Cards

Select and compare business credit cards that offer long-term and low interest rates. Choose those cards that offer such low rates for the whole life of the business card.

* Confirm the duration for which the lower interest rates are applicable.

* Compare various cards and determine which one meets your needs. Cards with an introductory 0.00% APR can, however, be great for a business owner that anticipates being able to pay the balance in full every month after the introductory period is over. Search for cards that have a ‘no limit’ on their cash back program. Some cards allow business owners to pay back their debt over a period time or pay off their balance in full.

In summary, while hunting for a business credit card that satisfies your needs, first study the different companies offers rates and benefits that suit your business. Search for sites that provide competent comparisons of the various credit cards. Best business cards are those which satisfy your business specific needs at a lower APR for a longer duration. Business credit cards have made many business specific activities easier due to the incentives given by the issuers.

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