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Living in a rented place requires extra consideration for the property, as any damage to the rented property may come out of your pocket. Therefore, to have complete peace of mind for living in a rented property, it is best to insure the rented space with renters insurance that protects you from personal liability for any damage caused to the property.

At Otterstrom Renters Insurance, the core objective of our team is to protect the customers from any stress, especially when it comes to living in a rented space. Therefore, we provide the most competitive renters insurance plans to our customers through which they can live in rented spaces peacefully and protected.

If you are worried about the rented space you are living in and want to protect yourself and your personal property, then you are in the right spot. Book yourself for one of our plans or talk to our customer service so that we can select the best plan according to your personal requirements and create a custom renters insurance plan for you within no time. Having the best renters insurance plan on your side will relieve you from any stress that might become a headache in the future. Protect yourself with our best insurance plans and live freely without any worry as we at Otterstrom Renters Insurance are here to serve you with what you deserve.

No liability for renters

Renters insurance not only protects you from personal liability to the property in case of any damage, but it also protects household items including furniture, carpets, wardrobes, and other electronic equipment. The tenants as usual being held responsible for the damages to the property by the owners can have peace of mind with no personal liability for the damage caused to the property.

Protection from calamities

In addition to the general protection of property for renters insurance, the tenant insurance program also covers theft, robbery, fire and other calamities that may cause destruction to the property itself or damage to the equipment placed on the property.

Giving extra protection to insured renters

In the event of any calamity that makes the rented space uninhabitable, Otterstrom Renters Insurance also gives complete coverage for the expenses that the customers have to bear for alternative accommodation and we also help in finding suitable accommodation till such time as required for the repair of the rented space and making it habitable for the renters.

Best renters insurance pricing plans

Otterstrom Insurance Plans are affordable for all classes of people. We provide the most affordable renters insurance plans to accommodate the requirements of the customers to the full extent. We offer a range of plans according to the customized requirements of the clients coming for tenant insurance.

Online insurance support service

Our policy is to provide the best customer service to all our insurance clients including renters opting for Otterstrom Renters Insurance Plans. We have to team of highly motivated individuals to give online support to insured persons for all issues.

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