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Our Story

Transforming Lives Through Innovation

Otterstrom Corp is a developing company in the education, and eCommerce software verticals.  Otterstrom provides education and training in high demand fields. Our training, mentoring, and on the job learning provides an individual a stack-able skill set that is developed, validated, a used in less time than traditional education.  Ensuring students have skills they need to compete in the 21st Century workforce. Creating a better workforce for tomorrow today.

Otterstrom also provides eCommerce and web services to law firms in an innovative way.  We are a complete set of cloud based web tools designed to allow law firms to bill more time, and work from anywhere.



Otterstrom Mission is to develop a 21st Century Workforce today. Our cloud based work based on the job learning system is designed to train students for high growth industries in less time. Our cloud based training tools respond to the needs of employers.  Employers need internal systems to meet the 21st century skill shortage that exist today.  Our training, on the job processes, and work based learning software solve this problem.   

Otterstrom Education Services
Otterstrom Cloud Services